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The Turrentine Letter

May 2013                                                                                     No. 234

President – Harold Turrentine, 3636 N Bernard ST, Chicago, IL 60618-4205

Secretary – Elaine Schmidtling,

Treasurer – Jean Yanga – 4352 Link 53 E, Kimball, NE 69145

Turrentine Letter editor and Cemetery Chair – Joyce Hodges, 17952 168th ST,

        Bonner Springs, KS 66012

Reunion 2014
                                      We have some
                                    volunteers to hold a National Reunion in Orange County, North
                                    Carolina.      Kermit Turrentine, who has long maintained
                                    the Turrentine Cemetery,
                                    has managed to get some others to commit to helping him.  We expect this to be
                                    the largest reunion in years as there has been a big demand to have it close enough to visit the a Turrentine Cemetery where
                                    the immigrant ancestors Samuel  and Alexander Turrentine, their slaves, and descendants
                                    of those individuals are buried.  The cemetery continues to be used by Turrentine
                                    descendants in the area.  What we need now is an estimate of the number of persons
                                    who think they will attend, so we can determine the best location to hold the reunion. 
                                    We are looking at  in for Saturday, June 21, 2014  Sunday services at ____?  We will also need to know if transportation
                                    to the historic cemetery will need to be purchased.  We need rough numbers now
                                    and will need firm commitments and deposits by January 2014-note an object has been filed for a deposit due so early.

Turrentine Family Newsletter
c/o Joyce Hodges 17952 168th St, Basehor, Ks 66007